Not to get all John Lennon on you but can you imagine if the US soccer scene, neh, the Michigan soccer community collectively decided that instead of profits or victories or any of the temporary and meaningless goals were cast aside and there was a simple and pure conviction to teach kids to love the game of soccer and work purely on development? What would that look like? I believe in that soccer utopia it would be much more of a collaborative effort and clubs would be more just based on location rather than people traveling halfway across the state to play on the top clubs. Clubs would work together to come up with foundational training methods and coaches would mentor one another. Players would receive equal billing and attention from a coach and the focus would shift from just pandering to the top talent to working out how to get as many players as possible to that elite level. Imagine the level of play then? With resources like that pooled the talent pouring out of Michigan would be over whelming. Reality check, that’s not going to happen. However, what if on a micro level a club and coaches commit to that same devotion to the best interests of their players? I believe in the long run that club and those coaches will be recognized and all the success other clubs attain through their misplaced and self-driven interests and they will even be surpassed. Let’s start as parents, coaches, and clubs to have the right focus. Develop the players love for the game, help develop them as people, and develop their abilities and let the wins/losses work itself out.


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  1. Argonaut

    I think a place to startt would be with the leagues would make the rules. I think having open tryouts at the same time every year is stupid and helps keep the clubs in control of the players. If players could tryout year around and be able to move from club to club whenever they want then I think this would be a healthy environment for player development. The clubs would have to make the players and parents happy or they will go someplace else. This would help players not getting good playing time on one team be able to easily move to another team that would give them better playing time. Soccer in the state of Michigan has left a very unpleasant taste in my mouth. Tarson’s blog seems dead. When are folks going to start posting here?


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