Building a Community

As a sport soccer is pretty simple and so are the ideas behind developing talent. There seem to be different factions out there all with their own interest from clubs, to parents, to coaches, MSYSA, to high schools, colleges etc…We are hoping this site will provide a Rosetta Stone or Tower of Babel so that we can all speak and understand one another better. Wouldn’t it be great to get the coaches perspective on what they are looking for, or for clubs to hear from parents what matters most? I feel education to all parties involved could really evolve the soccer scene within Michigan. Not due to secret training methodologies or affiliations but through a common understanding. We think the most important component however is the kids and that they are the main focus of all our youth soccer efforts. In the end if they are put as the priority in all of this we will parent better, coach better, run our organizations better all for their benefit resulting in their absolute love for the game. And those who have real success with the sport are those who have that undying passion for the game, not because their parents want them to get scholarships, or because they are the fastest kid at U8. Let’s work together and not create scholarship robotic soccer monsters, lets create a postive community for them to thrive and develop as great people and great players.

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