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Focused primarily on the Michigan Soccer Scene discussing topics from rec, club, high school, and college levels our plan is for this to be a great place to inquire, discover, share and learn about and from the Michigan Soccer Scene. The landscape in youth soccer continues to change and evolve as more and more folks with ability, talent, and knowledge contribute to the sport making it a very exciting time and this will be a great place to share these things.

When I was a kid playing premiere level soccer didn’t warrent a coach with an accent, we had a coach who was more familiar with touch downs than touch lines. Nowadays (man there is nothing that ages you like starting a sentence with that phrase) U5 and U6 rec kids might have a licensed club coach providing them with fantastic training, or maybe just Timmy’s dad lol

2 thoughts on “New Soccer Forum Live

  1. tommy

    Hopefully this forum can take off and create the opportunity to have some healthy discussions on youth soccer in Michigan. Mlive is useless. The other site you mentioned, some good, some not so good stuff. Good luck!

    1. admin Post author

      We certainly hope so! I look forward to some great discussions and great information. I think we can all benefit by having a good cross section of the soccer community represented and hopefully in a way that catches the attention of clubs, schools, and coaches so that they feel they can contribute as well. Thanks for posting!


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